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 Welcome to BlueCrabClothing.com, home to the funniest t-shirts on the web!

Funny  t-shirts express a subtle message that brings people happiness  everywhere one goes. I loved this notion! So, probably like what you’re  doing now, I sought out to find a funny t-shirt on the web. But it’s one  thing having a funny graphic, it’s another being a design you’d  actually want to wear and show off to all your friends. In the end of my  long, tiresome search I came up short. Something had to be done! So we  decided to created our own funny t-shirts. After countless hours of  brainstorming, filtering through 10,000  ideas, we finally perfected  the craft of the humble funny t-shirt. We have our own graphic  designers but we’re always on the lookout for fresh new designs. If you  have a idea feel free to send it through - and you too can help bring  happiness to everyone!

The shirts are made in Prince  Frederick,  Maryland using state of the art printing technology to produce the  highest quality tees. For almost a decade we’ve been in the t-shirt  industry and want to say a big thanks to all our customers that keep us  doing what we love. If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas on  our store - please contact our customer support team.